The first video is intended for you to do in a gym where you have access to the necessary equipment.

The other two videos are body weight workouts that can be done anywhere – in a gym, at home, or while traveling.

Feel free to mix and match or stick with just one of these.

My suggestion is that you do anywhere from 1-4 sets, depending on how much time you have.





Awesome Circuit Workout Video watch here!




Pilates Home Mat Workout

Cat/Cow (hands and knees–5-6x)Bird Dog 2

Bird Dog (5x each side, then add leg circles 10x each direction per leg)

Seated Partial Roll-Backs with arm openings (8-10x)–knees bent

Roll down to back and interlace fingers behind your head with knees in table top, lift head on exhale and lower head on inhale (5x)–prep for 100’s

Pilates 100’s

Bridges in neutral spine (10x) with arms circling at the top of your bridge

Marching Bridges (10x)–make it harder by adding a leg kick each time

Leg Circles (10x each direction per leg)–add another 10x each direction with your leg externally rotated at the hip

Plank (hold for 30 seconds) –add toe taps to each side to make it more challenging

Roll Like a Ball (10x)

Single Leg Stretch abs (10x each side)

Scissor Legs abs (10x each side)

Roll-Ups (10x)

Saw (5-6x)

Side Legs: Lift and Lower, Leg Circles, Clams (10-15x each side)

Figure 4 Stretch

Gentle Swan Stretch (i.e. press-up) or Superman hold for 30 seconds

Workout for Home

(With weights and/or tubing) Warmup for 5-10 minutes: marching/ jogging, treadmill, stairs, alternating stepups on your stairs, mix in some jumping jacks, etc.

Workout: Forearm Plank (60 seconds) —- keep your hips down!

Bridges 12-15 x —add marching bridges 10x each side

Abs– do hip lifts with legs straight up (15x) (i.e. reverse crunch) –criss cross ( like we did in the circuit) –curl up and reach past your knees (holding your hands behind your head) –windshield wipers

Lunges (a couple of sets of 12-15 x each side) holding weights if you have themtubing row

Rowing with weights or tubing

Plié squats (a couple sets of 15-20) (wide legged squats)

Side plank with rotator cuff (light dumbbell or full water bottle, etc.) 30 seconds each side

Push-ups (sets of 10-15)

Bicep curls with weights or tubing


Don’t forget to stretch!!