““I always leave Sue’s 6 a.m. class feeling energized and strong. Sue offers lots of work out variety and modifications when I need them.””

– Alice--age 44

“When I started working with Sue, my body was a foreign territory. I had worked out a little in college but not really since then. I was looking to tighten and tone my body while gaining strength. Sue worked patiently with me, introducing me to a range of motion and exercise while teaching me the most basic things, like breathing and how to hold my muscles while standing. Each session was different and fresh. My muscles began to tone. I started to stand straighter. But best of all, I became familiar with my body and all that it could do. Sue is an excellent coach who takes a holistic approach to each client, balancing mind and body to help you grow strong at a pace and format that works for you. Highly recommended”

– Susanna

“"I loved the class tonight. Came home watered and gardened until dark ,finally came in when the rain started. It feels good to feel good Sue!"”

– Paula

YazminI've taken pilates with Sue for nearly 3 years and have worked with her on weight training for 1 1/2 years. Sue is keenly attuned to physiology; particularly, how muscles, bones and tendons work together when we exercise, and how they change as we age. This knowledge, coupled with her own fitness and exercise regimen, makes her a terrific trainer and coach. She has helped me attain and work to surpass my fitness goals. Today, I am a stronger and better informed runner. I am much more aware of injuries and how to prevent them. I have also developed upper body and core strength so that my upper and lower body fitness match better. I feel more fit today than when I was in my 20s.”

– Yazmin

“Sue - I personally THANK YOU for hosting this class and letting me be a part of it. While I was not able to attend the entire time, I can tell you that in the 3 weeks of classes I could personally tell a difference in my mobility! Going into my final implant surgery I could TOTALLY tell that the tightness and limitations that I had on my left arm, and under-arm area since JANUARY had completely changed! Would love to support any additional opportunities there are for these types of class offerings to continue!”

– Participant in Breast Cancer Pilates class Fall '09

“Sue is a fantastic trainer for men. She plans our workout in advance of our sessions and knows a wide variety of routines to always keep things fresh and interesting. Sue is particularly good at providing feedback and suggesting minor changes in technique that make huge differences in performing specific exercises. She has a solid understanding of physiology and can easily plan around both minor injuries and chronic problems. And while she has clients of all ages and abilities, she is quite capable of creating intense challenges for strong and healthy clients, both men and women.”

– Lee

“Sue has just the right touch. After years of trying multiple exercise programs and other gyms only to quit within months, Suehas kept me on schedule and in the gym for over five years.”

– Margie

“It was a big step for me to seek out a personal trainer and I’m so thankful to have found Sue. We bonded right away and she made working out something I wanted to do rather than had to do. Sue is someone that I instantly felt comfortable with and as a result she’s been working with me to lose weight and increase my fitness level over several years. With her help I’ve lost 75 pounds and no longer need to take high blood pressure medication. She designed a fitness program for me before, during and after a healthy and successful pregnancy. I credit her with motivating me to keep my fitness a priority during many different phases of my life. It’s changed my attitude about what I’m capable of and given me more confidence to pursue an active lifestyle.”

– Brenda

“I have been very overweight and out of shape for most of my adult life. I finally decided that I wasn’t going to enter my ‘40’s thinking the same thing as when I entered my ‘30’s—that I really wished I was in better shape. So at almost 39, I got up the nerve to look into getting a personal trainer. I found Sue Bream at Outrageously Fit, and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I was completely self-conscious and nervous before I went to my first appointment, but Sue was so cool and non-judgy that I very soon felt at ease. I have discovered that I actually LIKE to work out, and I have never felt better. I am shocked to find that there might be an athlete lurking inside me! If you are at all thinking about getting in shape and working with a trainer, totally do it. If it is that first appointment or phone call that is stopping you, don’t let it. I wish I had called earlier, but I am glad I finally did. Sue is really creative and working out with her is fun. If you want to talk to someone who NEVER thought they would be working out regularly, or if you are terrified, like I was, of starting, ask Sue for my email address!”

– Beth

“"Sue’s classes are so much fun, you won’t believe they’re good for you! But I’ve been doing pilates with Sue for 3 years, and I can tell you they are. Not only do I see and feel the results, but it looks like everyone else in the class does, too! The time just flies by, and no two classes are ever completely alike (except they’re always fun!).”- Linda”

– Linda

“Sue knows how to keep my workouts interesting, challenging, and fun.”

– M.

“Everything I could ask for in a trainer”

– Anon

“The pilates class today was excellent. I really enjoyed learning and doing the exercises. Sue is a fabulous instructor and I look forward to next week’s class.”

– Anon



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