Personal Training

Personal Training with me is such a wonderful way to be held accountable for your fitness goals, as well as to be coached, supported, and get the results that you want!

Whether you are seeking out personal training because you want to start to get in shape, haven’t lifted weights in a while and want to do it the right way, already workout, but need some motivation or program tweaking, or perhaps you have been told by your Doctor to get exercising… have come to the right place!

I have been a Personal Trainer since 1998 and love helping people get fit and achieve their health and fitness goals.    A lot of people have weight loss goals, health goals, fitness goals, but the bottom line is that they all want to feel better in and about their bodies.  Whether my client has an injury, chronic health condition, is overweight, deconditioned, is post-partum, etc., I help them feel better in and about their bodies!

My clients love working with me because I really care about them, and it shows!  While I work with a wide range in ages, from kids to older adults, a majority of my clients are between late 30’s and 60’s.

I really want to work with you if you are interested in doing something positive for your health and well-being!  Together, we will set goals and establish a training program that addresses your goals.

I walk with Robby once a week and helps him with his strength, balance, and stamina.

I also work with clients with neurological disorders from head injuries, strokes, etc. through Plus One Foundation.  “This is super rewarding work.  I feel like I can really make a difference in their lives.   I have a very special relationship with these clients!

I will work with you at EDGE Personal Training Studio in Ballard, in your home (QA, Magnolia, Ballard), or outdoors.  Greenlake, Discovery Park, the Ballard Locks and other local neighborhood parks are all great places to workout.

I offer individually designed Personal Training sessions on a one-to-one or shared basis.   It can be more cost-effective for some people to workout with a partner.

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