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Sue has a tremendous passion for scuba diving and has created Fit4Diving, a fitness program specifically for scuba divers.

Recreational scuba diving has inLogocreased in popularity over the past couple of decades.  Divers range in age from pre- teens to older adults, and the levels of fitness of people learning to scuba dive is as wide of a range as the ages of divers!

It is a well-known fact that being fit greatly increases your safety as well as enjoyment of scuba diving.  Many divers are de-conditioned and wish that they had gotten into better shape before going on that dive vacation.  Others dive regularly, but know that they could improve their fitness and be better, safer divers.

Why does your fitness level matter when it comes to scuba diving?  “Plan the dive and dive the plan”, and you still might experience strong currents, cold water, big swells at the surface, a long surface swim, muscle cramps, or fatigue from consecutive dives.   Poor physical fitness is considered to be among the risk factors for developing DCI (decompression illness) following a dive.  People who are aerobically fit have more efficient circulatory systems to eliminate the excess nitrogen that builds up during a dive, than unfit individuals. 

Divers alongside coral wall

Fit4Diving is an 8 week workout video for scuba divers who want that edge that being fit offers.  I offer guidance for aerobic fitness and a comprehensive strengthening program, which is unique because it also addresses mental preparedness for scuba diving with a brief breathing and visualization exercise at the beginning of each workout.  Try them and perhaps you will come up with some of your own!

Created by Sue Bream, a fitness professional as well as avid scuba diver, Fit4Diving will get you fit and ready to maximize your enjoyment while diving.

Watch this short video  introduction to the 8 week program!Abdominal exercises from video

Fit4Diving is available to purchase and download here.

Follow the download instructions that accompany the videos.

For only $24.95, you are purchasing 8 weeks of workouts, the stretches, the accompanying e-book, a workout log, and the welcome video (watch this first).

For exercise tubing, if you do not have your own, Sue recommends
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Questions?  Contact me at   fit4diving2@gmail.com.